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All I Wanted Was His Love And Affection But What He Did Made Me Cry (Fiction)

My name is Vivian Chukwu, I am 30 years old. I decided to go into business after my youth service. Thanks be to God, things went so well for me, while some of my mates were still going around seeking for job opportunities, I was already successful in my business. I was so favoured within five years of my business as I got many amazing contracts that fetched me a lot a money. I acquired so many properties like houses and lands but I felt there was something still missing in my life. Love.

On a faithful Saturday, I met a cute looking guy where I went shopping. He stopped me, introduced himself to me and I did same also. We talked and exchanged contacts which was okay by me. Later that evening, he called me and we talked as if we had known each other for a long period of time. He asked me out and of course I accepted to go out on a date with him. He took me out the following day and it was fun going out with him. He looked so cute, smells nice and the way he talks was just so perfect. I tried getting him off my mind when I got home but to me I felt like I was already in love, I felt like he's the one my heart has been searching for but I tried not to give him the impression that I have fallen in love with him. We continued being friends until a day came, he opened up his feelings for me, he told me he loves me and would wish to spend the rest of his life with me. I was shocked and excited as the same time, I couldn't hold back my feelings anymore as I opened up to him too. We started dating, I trusted him so much because I love him, I gave him access to my house keys and let him know everything about my business and properties. I always give him everything he asks me for because all I wanted from him was his unending love. I did everything to prove to him that I was ready to be his wife. I never knew all he was doing was part of his plans. One faithful afternoon, I got a call from one of the workers in my business firm only for him to tell me that the sum of #13million was withdrawn from the business account. With shock I left home to find out who could be behind this act. I got to the bank only to find out that who did it was the man I love. I was a bit relaxed because I felt he may have a good reason for doing that. I tried calling his phone number but it was switched off. I went to his house immediately just to find out that he no longer lives there. He made away with my hard earned money, I did everything possible to find him but all to no avail. I made the mistake of my life for trusting him. All I wanted was his love and affection but what he did made me cry.

What advice do you have for me in my current situation?

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