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5 Things A Woman Should Avoid Telling Her Man

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Many things can destroy a relationship, which includes the things we say. This content consist of 6 things a woman should avoid saying to her man, if she wants to protect her relationship.

So without much wastage of time, below are 6 necessary things every woman should never tell her man, so she can avoid misunderstanding and protect her love life.

1. Never Tell Him Another Man Dresses Better Than Him:

Yes, this is something you should never think of saying to your man. Don't compare him with another Man's sense of fashion. You can correct him with another way, and not by telling him or showing him another man that dresses better than him, this will not just cause misunderstandings but will make him feel less loved.

You might think telling him that another man dresses better, will trigger him to dress well, but it will just hurt his feelings and make him feel unsecured.

2. Never Tell Him Another Man Is More Good-Looking Than Him:

Put yourself in the shoes of the man, and imagine him telling you that another woman look beautiful than you, how would you feel?

So in my opinion, every woman should love her can the way he is, and be contented with him the way he is. Never tell your man that another man looks more handsome than him, this will not just make him feel bad, but will also make him feel you are crushing on another man.

Every man needs to be appreciated the way he looks, and the best way to achieve that is making him feel good and perfect of himself with the words you say to him.

3. Never Tell Your Man The Number of Men You Have Dated In the Past:

This is a dangerous part which women should fully avoid. In the aspect of making him know the number of men you have dated in the past, will make him feel you might one day include him in the number, and this will make him feel less secured in the relationship.

So, it's essential you avoid telling him the number of men you have dated in the past, to save your relationship and also make your man feel secured.

4. Never Tell Him Your Family's Secret Or The Bad Things Your Family Said About Him:

The above are essential, and every woman who wants to protect her relationship, should zip her mouth and never say the above to your man. Every family has their secret, which should remain with them. And also they are negative things your family might have said about your man, which it's not proper to open it up to him, so he won't keep malaise for that person or that particular member of your family. 

5. Never Tell Him The Bad Things Your Friends Said About Him:

This is another important part a woman needs to protect away from her man. Once you tell your man about the gist you had with your friends and some bad things said, he might pretend not to be hurt, but will no longer be in good term that your friends.

Every imperfection of your man, should be kept inside, never link the discussion to your friends and link your friend's discussion to your man. 

If you really want to protect your relationship, keep away the above listed from your partner, so you won’t hurt his feelings nor bring up misunderstandings into your relationship. 

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