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A Fool At Forty Is A Fool Forever : One Of The 8 Proverbs People Still Get Wrong

Moral philosophy is a branch of philosophy that defines what is right and wrong. It explores the essence of morality and discusses how people can live their lives in relation to others. ... A further branch of moral philosophy is utilitarian ethics. It addresses the question of what we're supposed to do. What is right or wrong comes from an individual viewpoint, often directed by a moral chart.

We all believed at the 8 below philosophy, but the truth is that most people get them wrong..

1. Whatever Will Be , Will Be

Yes whatever will be will be only when you play your part, you have to make it be. You have a part to play in what will be in your life, so don't leave it to chance.

2. Half Bread Is Better Than None

Why settle for half a loaf of bread when you can get a whole loaf of bread or even a bakery. It's a narrow belief that positions you to settle for less, and it's a mediocre philosophy.

3. A Fool At Forty Is A Fool Forever

A fool will be a fool forever at any age if he fails to let go of his foolishness. It's never too late to be wise, because the day you wake up and get wise is the day you CHANGE!

4. All Fingers Are Not Equal

Sure, sure! Physical fingers in your hands aren't equal , but that doesn't make all of them useless financially, and you know they 're all valuable. You 're not even a finger, so why do you look down on yourself?

5. Life Begins At Forty

If you're below forty and believe this, I feel so bad for you, because it means you 're not alive yet.

6. What Goes Up Must Come Down

Is your age going down? Are your intelligence and your knowledge going down? Is the price of the goods going down? Think about it my friend!

7. He Who Laughs Last , Laughs Best

Why laugh last when you can still joke, and why joke best when laughter is not a competition. When we configure ourselves with these peculiar philosophies, they limit and constrain us.

8. The Devil You Know , Is Better Than The Angel You Don't Known

What do you want to associate with the devil, the devil represents the darkness, no matter how you want to make it look like. The Angel you don't even know, he's just doing his primary duty of protecting you. Something positive is coming from the devil. Desist from that kind of ideology. Adjust the way you 're thinking and communicating. You 're going to change the world around you. You've got the chance to...

Recreate Your World And Be Wise

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