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A young man paid tribute to his parents after POP.

A young man paid tribute to his parents after POP.

At a time when the flame of the war might arise at anytime to redden the skies of our dark and dreary the world, there are always some personalities who are ready to face the war on your behalf.

They rescue your days from being plunged on the abyss of destruction and in my own story the personality that always stand for me is my parent, “nobody loves me the way they do”. 

I’ve been asked on series of occasion why will I choose Politics as my career pursuit when I can choose from myriad options of selection. 

As many do say, it shouldn’t have been political science, it should have been anything Islamic related courses in order to supplement the career my parent has built with their stress but my reaction to all these statements.

Whenever it comes forward is that “if my parent can live to impact lives islamically, it’s definitely a credence for me to live to impact globally across different sectors”.

I’m happy on what I’m doing and I’m definite that I will achieve the apex of my career pursuit because my parent never stop their spiritual and financial support on my career. 

I love you Daddy, I love you Mummy. I can’t thank you enough. 

Perhaps I would have failed if you had imposed a decision on me. Thanks so much for this upbringing. I’m gonna live to let the world knows about you.

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