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I Caught Him Staring at Me at A Friend’s Wedding, He Gave Me Food & Now We Are Getting Married- Lady

There are some love stories that will keep you blushing right from the start till how it’s currently going. Trust me, I have seen so many romantic love stories but this particular one between Kim and Damola, is so emotional and romantic. You will definitely be smiling while reading how they met and how they developed feelings for each other. So, sit tight and enjoy the love story of Kim and Damola who met at a friend’s wedding. 

Kim and Damola have successfully convinced me that some people are truly destined to be together. The chemistry between the two of them is unexplainable. These two beautiful creatures were both single when they met at a friend’s wedding ceremony. The instant connection that happened when they saw each other is so romantic and it can never be denied. They felt something immediately they set their eyes on each other. The story all started 5 years ago. The two of them attended a wedding ceremony; little did they know that they would meet their soul-mate at their friend’s wedding. 

The wedding held in Lagos State about 5 years ago. Kim said that she noticed that a young handsome man was staring at her at the wedding. Just like every other girl, she kept her cool and she kept forming like she did not notice that the man was staring at her. Damola could not take his eyes off this beautiful lady and he kept stealing glances at her. He stared so much that he noticed that Kim had not gotten any food to eat. The young man saw the opportunity and he went to get her something. He walked up to Kim and offered her small chops. 

Kim wanted to form a little but being a foodie, she could not help but accept the chops. Damola went there with two plates which means that he also wants to keep her company as they eat together. Damola asked if he could sit beside her and kim said yes. They sat together and he still kept staring at her. At a point, a photographer came to them after he observed that there is a chemistry going on between them, he told them that they looked like a cute couple and he offered to take their picture together. 

They took pictures together and laughed. After taking pictures, Damola asked her to dance with him. They danced at the wedding party and they enjoyed every bit of the time spent together. They also exchanged their contact. Damola was a cool guy. Days later, he contacted her and they went for a date at her favorite restaurants. Kim said they talked like they had known each other for years and that day was when they started dating. They have been dating for over 5 years now and their relationship has become stronger over years. 

Damola had popped the big question last year during a surprise proposal at Kim’s birthday. Kim was so excited and she could not help but say yes. She is very happy that she is finally getting married to this handsome man. They have decided to bless people with their lovely pre-wedding photoshoot. See how cute they look together.

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