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Reasons Why Wives Should Submit To Their Husbands.

It’s quite a thing of concern to see women of now a days rising their voices against the husband with no reasons. Some people take it as their regular duty to nag at their husbands insult them and forget that out of a man was a woman created. If we could go back to our religious teaching a woman was built from a Man's bone and Men were given power over women. A woman has no right to lay hands on her husband no matter what he has done they are many ways to settle cases not by insulting him.

A good relationship is built by a good wife and a good home is built by a good wife. If we don’t have good wives definitely we are having no good homes.

Also according to traditions woman should submit to their husband, because she is already his own property and he has every right on. But that does not give you the right to maltreat your wife as a man but that will be read in another article.

Pride is the main reason that kills relationships a woman with pride those not deserve to be called a mother or a wife a good wife that submits to her husband always says sorry when she is at fault that’s a woman of virtue. But the women of now a days have no time to apologize they are always on the right path.

But the only advice I can give is that women should please learn how to submit to their husband, they should cook for them in time, give them the respects they deserve. And men reading this should please respect their wives they should treat them as queens not slaves.

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And Also Men Should Await For Their Own Because Ours Is The Worst.

Thank you all for your Time.  

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