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Tips that May Help You Stop Jealousy in Your Relationship.

Jealousy can make you misunderstood your partner's acts of kindness for something else. You may think that he is in love if he helps a lady or you may think that she is cheap if she helps a man in need.

Jealousy comes up when you have the fear that you may lose someone so dear and important to you. Although it may be better than envy, which is thinking that something that belongs to someone should have been for you.

However, jealousy can lead to feeling angry all the time, lead to resentment and make you sad most often than usual. This means it might not be a good thing for you in a relationship that will last a lifetime and knowing how to end it will be of great value to you.

Below are tips to help you stop jealousy in your relationship

1. Try to know why you are feeling jealous. No one starts feeling jealous without a cause. It might be as a result of what you experience in your past relationships. How the person treated you or cheated on you. When you can get to the root of why you always feel like that. You will know how best to handle it.

2. Open up to your trusted friend or someone. If you allow jealousy to remain, it may lead you to do something that will be costly. We all know that jealousy comes as a result of imagining things you are not sure of and making it so real as though it is happening. But when you open up to someone you trust. He/she may be able to guide you right and help you ease your worry.

3. Talk to your partner about what you are not comfortable with. If you sense your partner is becoming too friendly with the opposite gender, talk (do not shout) to him/her about it and let your partner know how you feel. There should be an adjustment from him/her.

4. Engage in something that can distract your mind from the thought. Sometimes, being too idle can make you start seeing things you would not have seen if you are occupied. So look for work, watch movies, play with friends, and do any other things that can occupy your mind. It will help you feel less jealous.

5. Try to turn your jealousy in your favor. While do you think your partner is getting too close to others. Or what makes you think that your partner will pick interest in a particular person over you. Start doing those things. Look after yourself and look more good so that your partner will see those qualities he/she sees in the other person in you. That can cause a drastic turnaround for him/her.

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