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Why Marriage Proposal By Students To Other Students Do Not Always Go Well

The school is not a ground for proposal. No doubt, many have done it and succeeded.

Girlfriend and boyfriend relationship in school is entirely different from marriage. You can do things alone as you have another person to cater for.

Your attitudes are crucial when it comes to the proposal. I mean, what does she know about you and your character.

Know that your girlfriend who is a student has her own challenges. Remember that first before you take any step.

Yours might go well if you have seen others.

Many students are being faced with rejections, especially the male students when they propose to other female students. The rejections sometimes come with not only disgrace but also with bashing.

The challenges in school are less than the ones you will face when you are done.

This is when the reality comes face to face with you.

Being rejected should not force you to go into crimes like cybercrime, which is rampant among young people who are students.Most of the turn downs are mostly because you are not balanced financially.

Instead, take it as a challenge to improve yourself in other aspects.

Don't copy others because they are proposing. 

If she knows that you are not independent as your parents are the ones catering for your needs. That proposal has a high chance of failing.

No body gives you pocket money when you are married. Get this right.

Not all relationships in school will result in marriage. Save yourself from that disgrace.

And lastly, you must focus on your education to get the best of it.

Don't allow a failed proposal to make you lose focus. You cannot afford to lose two things; your relationship and, most importantly, your academics.

Take the rejection in good fate. Finish your school and also help those who trained you before you think of any proposal.

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