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Guys, here are 3 signs that your girlfriend is Toxic

Toxic relationships, they say consists of toxic people, that is very true. It could be either the Lady or the Guy if not both but the fact is that at least one person is responsible for the toxicity in the relationship.

The last relationship you want to be in is a toxic relationship because it is out of your control and if you do not detect early on that you are in one, the consequences could be huge.

Toxic relationships are not due to just Ladies or Guys, it could be any of the two but we will focus on the Ladies. These Ladies due to their bad character and attitude have ensured most relationships they get into do not stand the test of time. So Guys, here are 3 signs, that Lady you are dating might be toxic;

1. She is never Wrong

A toxic woman or Lady is never wrong, she is always right. Anything she says or does has no fault and cannot be questioned. The last thing you want to do is get into an argument, trust me you will lose.

2. She is the controlling type

Another sign of a Toxic Lady is that she is the controlling type. If you are dating this one, she wants to know everything you're doing, where you are going and people you hang around with. Not that it is really bad, but her attitude towards knowing these things will really irritate and annoy you.

3. She always complains

This is one of the most common traits or signs of a Toxic Lady or girlfriend. She is never satisfied and complains about everything, her looks are not ok, she always does not have enough money, her current job is not ok e.t.c. If you're dating this type as a Guy, I advise you to run.

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