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Break Up: Approaches Women Use to End Their Relationships with You

Human beings are considered to be social animals, that is, they love to associate, they always want to belong, to love and be loved. This has pushed humans into different kinds of relation in order to fill the void they feel inside. Hence, the need for relationships.

Relationship can be viewed as good or bad depending on the experience of the one who is telling the story. One common feature we see in almost every relationship involving a man and a woman, is the misunderstanding that usually spring up in the course of the relationship. These misunderstandings could be as a result individual differences or as a result of disloyalty, unfaithfulness, lies, cheats, deep and unnecessary secrets and many more.

Break up in a relationship is no longer new to the society, in fact, it is considered a normal thing, but what is not normal is the approach people adopt to end their relationships. I want to consider this approach from the perspective of the women (please forgive my one-sided perspective), in subsequent articles, I shall treat that of the men.

She will never tell you she is breaking up with you

When a woman wants to break up with you, she adopts a rather unconventional approach by detaching from you gradually. She reduces the time she spends with you, she stops talking about her affairs with you, she will practically frustrate you and still make you feel like you are the one creating the problem.

She will use someone else to forget about you

A woman finds it difficult to just forget about you and the memories you have built together, unless there is someone else in her life at present that is giving her what you haven’t been able to give her, like his time, money (very important), taking her for shopping, cruising her in his car(s), taking her to places you have never taken her to, etc.

She barely talks and lies if she has to talk

Have you ever had an experience with your girlfriend in a way that you begin to wonder if she is the real person or someone else has taken over her body? That is how you will feel when she begins to keep mute when she is around you. She becomes a total stranger to you all of a sudden and if you push her to talk, she lies.

She becomes a bit more arrogant and disrespectful towards you

Ones upon a time, you a had a girlfriend who put your feelings first, who sought your opinion before she could do anything, who practically relied on you for every little thing. But now, she doesn’t seek your opinion and when you ask her why, you will regret you did. Now, she talks back at you with such arrogance and even walk out on you if she has to.

She is Suddenly too busy to see you

This is another approach a lady can use to frustrate you; she will give you a thousand and one reasons why she can’t see you today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and if you push it, she will even stop picking your calls.

If after seeing all these, you threaten to end the relationship with her as a way of making her realize herself and come begging you, you have just shot yourself on the foot because that was her initial intention- to break up with you. My advice to men who experience similar things, do not fight for her love, do not fight the other man because she will embarrass you and make you look stupid, kindly walk away without saying a word. Block her lines and make sure she can’t reach you for a while. When she begins to feel the heat in her new relationship, she will remember how good you were to her and she will look for you ever where just to say sorry. As a man, will you forgive and accept such a lady back into your life again?

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