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5 Hurting Words You Should Not Say To Your Wife or Girlfriend.

Every relationship, most especially the romantic one has its good and bad times. In other words, every union that comprises of a man and a woman cannot be all rosy as the relationship can run into a misunderstanding or disagreement, and when this happens; it becomes important for both partners to understand it’s only a phase in the relationship, thus; they should desist from using harsh and derogatory words against each other.

Research has shown that many individuals are fond of using harsh and demeaning words against their partner with the idea of releasing their emotional tension or anxiety. It might interest you to know that whatever fallacious word a person uses against his or her partner can go a long way to damage the person’s self-confidence, pride, emotions, and can even lead to death if not curtailed.

Regarding this article, we shall be examining 5 hurting words a man should not say to his wife or girlfriend not even in a state of anger. See them below.

1. “You are not as beautiful and good looking as your friend or sister”.

Saying such words to your wife or girlfriend is only an avenue to inciting jealousy and hatred. The idea of comparing your woman’s beauty to that of her friend or sister is considered an act of arrogance that can channel negative energy in your relationship. This sort of expression can also amount to distrust and suspicion whenever she spots you close to the people you have compared her with.

2. “I guess you learnt your bad attitude or ill-mannered behaviour from your mother”.

No matter how wrongly behaved your woman might be, never on earth should you use such words on her. The idea of relating her vices or errors to her parents’ behaviour is one act that will most likely incite rebellion, domestic conflict and disrespect on her part. Hence; no matter her errors, don’t ever instigate insulting words on her parents or anyone she holds in high esteem.

3. “I married or dated you for your beauty and nothing more”.

Even if you married her due to her beauty and body shape, there is still no point revealing it to her. The idea of telling your woman how you became interested in her because of her curves, facial beauty and endowment might make her feel used and deceived. Such an attitude might reduce her love and commitment for you. 

4. “All you know how to do is to nag and complain”.

Well, I quite understand she complains about almost everything she sees, but the idea of telling it to her will do no good, rather; it might intensify the nagging attitude which might give rise to misunderstanding and conflict in the relationship.

5. “You are now becoming ugly”.

Research has shown that quite a lot of ladies become resentful and angry when they are referred to as being ugly. As a matter of fact; no lady wants to be called “ugly”, not even the obvious ones. Telling a woman she looks ugly for whatever reason is something most women hate because of the tension it puts on their emotions and self-confidence.

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