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6 Ways Low Self-Esteem Can Destroy Your Marriage

If your self-esteem is low , you probably don't think you're a very attractive package for someone to date. Low self-esteem makes you engage in any of the following actions when you are insecure or anxious, and each of these behaviors can quickly sink any relationship. Take out your magnifying glass and see whether any of the following behaviors ring true for you.

1. You become a soft target.

You are a fragile soul if you have poor self-esteem. Anyone and everyone has the ability to influence and, in most circumstances, control your actions. In your relationship, you are always the easy target and are held responsible for anything that goes wrong. To top it off, your inability to speak up for yourself always results in you being the loser.

2. Your relationship will be tainted by misunderstandings.

How is your spouse going to know what you want out of the relationship if you don't stand up for yourself? The other person frequently takes advantage of this fact and imposes rules and wishes that benefit him rather than you. You're also partly to blame because you let it happen. If you don't get what you want, or if you don't say it loud and clear, you'll always have unmet expectations, which will lead to more misunderstandings.

3. It makes you appear insecure.

Low self-esteem equates to low self-assurance. You come across as under-confident when you are unable to be forceful and transparent about yourself. And believe us when we say that a person who lacks confidence is unattractive. Men will not be drawn to you, and if they are, you will always attract a dominant kind.

4. If you have low self-esteem, you will be overly anxious to please others and will hide your own thoughts and feelings in order to avoid conflict. This means your partner will never know who you truly are, which could end up ruining your relationship.

5. You require frequent reassurance from your partner.

Healthy people are searching for a partner and a friend, but unhealthy people are looking for a surrogate daddy or mommy. Why? Because they did not receive enough attention, love, or consistency as children.

6. When you have low self-esteem, you don't see yourself as capable in bed with your partner, which can cause your marriage to fall apart. If your partner has low self-esteem issues, you may assist them overcome them by being understanding and without judging them as unkind or insensitive.

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