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3 Things You Will Enjoy If You Date A Shorter Guy

It has been generally believed that women find tall guys very attractive, making the shorter guys seem less desired. 

It may actually be very hard to say the reason most girls find shorter guys less attractive, but I guess it may not be far from the stereotype that male partners should be taller than females, or possibly because they may feel more protected with taller guys.

But there are actually some reasons you should consider dating a short guy:

1. High Fidelity

Many people believed that shorter men make more faithful partners. According to a survey carried out by Ashley Madison (a dating site for married people), taller men are twice more likely to cheat than the shorter men.

2. Lasting Love

One great thing you will enjoy if you date/marry a shorter guy is that he will likely to love and stay with you forever as long as you love him.

In reference to a study done by New York University, shorter men are less likely to get divorced; meaning that they make more long-lasting relationships/marriages.

3. You May Not Need To Wear High Heels

Most girls always feel intimidated if the height of their man is far taller than them, forcing them to always go on high heels while going out with their man inorder to upgrade their height.

But if your man is shorter than you, you can save yourself the stress as you may not really need high heels to make your heights uniform.

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