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Divorce Affair

Marriage divorce - True life story of how a cockroach made my neighbour to divorce his wife

I heard screams from my neighbour's flat this evening which drew much attention of other neighbours, I tried to suppress the screams by putting on my ear piece to enjoy some cool music 

Amidst the music from my ear piece came the screams and this time I could not hold back but rushed to my neighbour's flat to find out what the problem was. 

On reaching there, I met my neighbour's wife wailing, shattered and looking so unrecognizable with bruises all over her body, her clothes shredded and the house scattered.

I was shocked to my bone marrow because the scenerio was devastating and this is one woman the neighborhood admires and wished to be like her.

Her husband was not anyway around her and I said to myself maybe if her husband was around, he would have salvaged the situation atleast as the man of the house. 

As all these thoughts flashed in my mind, viola her husband came out from the room with her box of clothes and he threw them away as he rained down hell and brimstone.

Her husband said I told you that you won't sleep in this house tonight if this cockroach does not die. That watered my curiosity to know more about what happened.

I took my neighbour's wife outside and she narrated how her and get husband were seeing a movie together and a cockroach flew pass the television, her husband told her to stand up and kill the cockroach, she declined and told him to kill the cockroach as the man of the house.

Just like a joke, it led to a heated argument and her husband insisted that if the cockroach is not killed, she will not sleep in the house tonight and he will call off their marriage.

For peace to reign, my neighbour's wife stood up, took a broom and starting looking for the cockroach but never saw it. Her husband got infuriated and started beating her which led to her loud screams that drew the attention of other neighbours.

I and other neighbours tried so hard to plead with her husband to forget that childish matter and accept his wife back but all our pleas rested on deaf ears and that was how my neighbour ended the marriage that he and his wife spent years and resources to build.

To all married couples, marriage is a school where you learn everyday hence you have to do all you can to resist the devil from carrying out his antics in your home. Apply wisdom and tolerance in your marriage above all resist the devil and he will flew from your marriage.

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