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7 things you have to face when you love a guy who just likes you

Who would not want to be respected for their kind? It's okay, even when he does not adore you exactly, but he is still very much in love with you. But it is disturbing when he is helpless, but he does not feel the same way. You know he cares and you know he cares, but what in the world keeps him from getting where he is. You can only be a positive patient for that long. After a while, you will like it like everything.

You will be torn to pieces. The heart meant, wait; will go around, while the mind would tell you to do what is reasonable and give up. Lots of fish in the sea. But when the heart is on a fish, it does not want anyone else. It would be better to get into the following things than to give up.

1. Look for signs constantly

A few surprises, nice texts and other kind things do not mean that he is in love with you. Nor does it mean that he is not even interested. Do not look for things that do not exist. Exhaust is exhausting and does not really help the situation. He is good to you because he likes you and wants to treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Do not read things.

2. You do not like how they have power in your relationship

Because you are not the one who loves him, you will always be aware of his needs, desires and feelings. Sometimes more than yours. What about him? There is a very good chance he can do the same things you would do for him. And you probably won’t even bother with the whole fact considering he doesn’t feel the same way you do. Your preferences can be very different from yours. And you are the one whose feelings will always be in His grace.

3. Expectations are minimal

Whatever you do, please. You will not decide to be treated worse than you deserve. You will not complain because there is no effort in your eyes, no matter how little effort. When you accept the way he treats you, you are killing your self-esteem. You understand, but do nothing about it. Wait, without any hope, for him to come to you and realize the joy you are. You may be disappointed, very disappointed.

4. You do not know how long it will last

It could be days, weeks or months before he passed out of love. There is also the possibility that you will never cross the line. There is no guarantee. You may not want to end it because you are in love with it, but at some point you may decide it will not work. You are completely at his disposal. I can do everything I see fit and there is nothing I can do about it. These disputes are not the best.

5. How would you make him fall in love with you?

It's one thing to invest your feelings in someone and another to invest a lot more than that. You can be your own money, and also forget that there is something worthwhile about you. You have to learn to draw the line somewhere. You are in a sensitive position. This can inflate you because of the feelings you have for him. He knows that you will never be able to say no, and that he can use it in any way he can.

6. Closing is not what you can expect when things end

How do you start with something that has not even started? You can not stop observing over it unless you break it. Because even when he tries to withdraw from you, he still tries to find reasons to avoid it. He will not be affected much. It just depends on it and you will end up tired of it. On the other hand, you will be emotionally and mentally immersed in understanding the whole situation. It may take a long time to find peace after you have met a guy you love but who does not know love.

7. -what-if

When you are in love with a guy you just love, the relationship can be torturous. But torture does not end the relationship. The demolition was followed by a series of interrupted conclusions. What if it really worked between you? What if you did things differently? What if they only gave him a little more time? etc.

If you are currently in a relationship like this, you will have to put it this way. Do not let him walk on you. Do not agree to anything less than you deserve and never sacrifice your dignity for anyone. You can not stop waiting for things to work out, but do not let it get out of hand.

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