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3 important things in a relationship

How to build a very strong relationship is scarce this days, especially when the man is wealthy and the woman take advantage of that by using it to request for expensive things. Yes I know money is not love, but in our generation today is without money you are nothing. Ladies love reality pass the future, in fact the majority of ladies in our generation today value material things more than any other things in the world. 

Despite all, Love still stands as the piller in any relationship and they are some certain things one need to know about Relationships, but before I go into that let first know the meaning of Relationship. Relationship is not a childrenplay but it is a mature understanding of two opposite sex, in which they agrees to share the feelings and understanding together. 

This Tips could help you build up your relationship and I would take you on step by step on how to build your relationship. The are 5 relevants things that might interest you to know about relationships. 

Communication: communication matters in a relationship, for the sake of infidelity community is a number one priority in any relationship, this is often cause by long distance relationship in a situation whereby the man abandon his love due to some work trips thcause failure in a relationship. 

Support: support is another important thing a relationship, God gave Adam Eve to support Adam in the Garden of Eden, the duty of a woman is not to eat without any support, if such things occur the relationship would crash with quarrels, and another important thing is Trust Love without trust is like work without faith so this three things works together and also have their bad effects.

If we can apply this three things: love and understanding would Flourish.

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