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Reasons Why Every Lady Should Date A Shy Guy

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I have so many reasons why I should date a shy and introvert guy which I believe many of you will agree to. Usually we ignore the shy and introvert guys, and date the confident, thug looking, rich, tall and ugly guys. The latter kind of guys are not usually the best in my opinion. Have you ever thought about dating a shy guy? There are so many different benefits and you'll be glad you did.

1. They are less intimidating

Confident and extrovert guys can be so intimidating because they surrounds themselves with all kinds of girls and bad manners. Shy guys are less intimidating. They are very gentle and meek and are less likely to reject you. This is one big reason to start rolling along with a shy guy. You'll love them.

2. It’s easy to make them blush

Shy guys have the tendency to blush easily with the slightest of compliments. Just compliment them about their looks and appearance and you'll see the magic of their blush. That really melts my heart a lot unlike the confident and rough guys who will only say a "thank you". That's even if they say it at all. Try dating a shy guy today. You'll love 'em

3. Shy guys won’t cheat on you

Shy guys will never cheat on you. Relationship cheating is what many girls hate and shy and introvert guys will never stoop so low to have another girl behind you but reverse is the case for confident and extrovert guys. They like to explore anything they see with boobs and big behinds even if its not human . Confident and extrovert guys are just so awkward. You'll never like them. I prefer the introvert guys. They'll always stick to you.

4. They are so true, real and genuine

Me loves these set of guys because they are so true to themselves. They will never deceive you. They are just so charming and will never lie to you.

5. They are good listeners.

Shy and introvert guys are just awesome for one thing. They are extremely good listerners. Never will they counter you in any discussion or disrupt the flow of the discussion. All these adorable guys do is listen, listen, listen and listen. Unlike the extrovert guys who will just keep shouting to the extent that other people around you will hear the content of your discussion . Shy guys will never stoop so low to that extent. They are always very quiet and meek.

6. They don't party, drink nor smoke.

I'm begining to convince you that shy guys are cool right ? Another reason you should date a shy guy is that they don't engage in party, alcohol or weed. They being an introvert will not even allow them such bad manners. Reverse is the case for the confident guys. They'll make sure they engage in all sort of party. They being an extrovert makes them to boast about the latest and most expensive wines and alcohols they've tasted, they amount of weed the smoke daily and the number of girls they've had sex with from funmi to funke to fumilade to fumilayo That's crazy isn't it ? Shy guys are just so cool to themselves. They don't need to brag about anything. Whatever happens never leaks out.

7. Shy and introvert guys are very educated and very intelligent.

This is very true. Shy guys are very educated and very intelligent. They being very intelligent leaves them with no time for social activities. They are so charming. Date an introvert today and you'll be glad you did. I had one as a boyfriend and I wish I had him back.

Where to find a shy guy.

1: Shy guys are very easy to find. If you are still in the university, you can find them at the back seat of your classroom. When others are gones after a lecture, shy guys always remain alone, sitting down, alone with their thought. This is always your best time to approach them. Just compliment him on anything and watch him blush. They are very friendly.

2: During your NYSC.

During your service year, you'll find many of them at the orientation camp. I had sweet experiences with one during my NYSC days. He was so sweet and charming. You'll always find them at the back of the crowd doing almost nothing. They just stand there and clap for others engaging in one task or the other. They are very gentle set of people so don't mind them for not partaking in activites. They don't want to look rough like the extrovert guys. Those of you going for NYSC, watch out for the shy guys. You'll love them.

3: During church service

These awesome set of beings are easy to find during church service. They always sit at the back, rarely dance when its time for offering and they rarely come out to give testimonies because they are shy. Isn't that cool ? Unlike the extrovert guys that will even go the awkward length of dancing shoki and skelewu during church service . Shy guys will never do this . Oh how can I even forget the way they blush when you ask them questions during sunday school. They are so adorable.

How to know if a guy is shy and an introvert.

Its very easy to spot these sweet guys. They will always blush at every single thing you say. Another way to spot them is to monitor their movements. Never will you see a shy guy going out unnecessarily. They are always indoors and only come out with their charming self at night. These people are just so cool. Date one today and you'll be glad you did. I can testify to this. We dated for years and sweet memories still ring in me.

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