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Meet the lady with 95% of her body covered with Tattoos. Even her eyes balls are Tatooed.

The world is turning into something else, people are going to extreme lengths to make a point that doesn't really make any point. But as it is, people love crazy shit and loves talking about it too. Below is a picture of before her tattoos.

Her name is Amber Luke, age 24 from New South Wales, Australia. She has almost every part of her body covered with Tattoos, she split her tongue and even had her teeth modified into fangs.

She first developed her bizarre fascination with extreme modifications at 16, and since then it has amounted to over 130 tattoos.

She nicknamed herself the "dragon girl". As regards to this, she has her eye Tatooed blue which left her completely blind for 3 weeks before she regained her sight, that couldn't stop the dragon girl, she has her tongue split into two and has her ear lobes stretched.

As if all this isn't enough, our tattoo obsessed dragon girl traveled all the way to America to add another frightening look, she went ahead to make fangs which were meant to go inside her mouth.

She told the Mail Online: "I decided on the fangs two years ago, I knew I wanted them as part of my look. So I decided to get permanent ones.

To bring out the colour in her eyes, Amber has recently died her long blonde hair a bright blue, and is now looking to make more changes to her body.

Here are more photos of the Blue dragon.

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