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[OPINION] The biggest mistake people make before marriage


This is a question addressed on Steve Harvey's 'Marriage REAL TALK' show in which three married couples of over 10 years gave their experiential answers. One can say they are experienced enough to give insights on this particular subject. We have decided to share it here to educate, inspire and help the younger generation in other to achieve what many see to be unachievable.

Quoting the first couple to respond, Ronald & Caprice (married 13 years) said in their opinion that "a lot of people say I do but what they really mean is I will try". They explained further to say that in their own relationship, they have addressed this. Whenever they they have to say I do, they have to mean it and there is no going back, no separation.

The second couple to respond to the question, Nathaniel & Paula (married 20 years) said in their opinion that "the biggest mistake is thinking that you can change somebody, thinking that things will get better and coming into a relationship with an agenda. Also, you need to say what you want in a relationship before marriage because people tend to keep it all in and think when marriage comes, it will work out on it own."

The third couple to respond to the question, Bonita & Don (married for 32 years) said in quote "I think the biggest mistake a lot of people make is that they don't get a full disclosure. I think before you get married, you have to put everything on the table, no secrets, let them know your credit report, let them know everything! Who you have slept with, if it somebody close to your spouse and so on". Explaining further, the husband said "we have witnessed marriages that do not last like our because something popped up in later years of their marriage in which if the significant other had known about from the onset would have said 'I do' but 'I don't' and so it is better to let it all out before marriage. So, if the significant other still wants to marry you with your garbage, there won't be any problem in the future".

The fourth couple to respond, Karen & Larry (married 49 years) said "they continue to find common ground and avoid arguments. 

Ending it all, Don said, "it is not everybody you are attracted to that you are compatible with".

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Although, there are many more mistake people make before marriage but we will stick to these coming out of the mouth of these experienced couples.

What is your take on the topic addressed?

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