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7 Signs That Your Man Is Only Settling For Being With You (He Isn’t Really In Love)

It is not always the best feeling in the world when you discover that your boyfriend, the love of your life, does not really have real or genuine romantic feelings with you.

You think you have a happy and healthy relationship with someone who loves you very much. And yet things are not as they seem. Of course, you always want the person you want to be just as in love with you.

You deserve that kind of love and nothing less. However, this will not always be the case. The universe will not always be on your side, even when it comes to love and romance.

It is still quite possible that you will end up in a relationship with someone who is not really in love with you. It's still entirely possible to get into a relationship with someone who just chooses to be with you.

And this is never a situation where you want to be a part of it. But how do you know if your partner is just settling in or if they are really in love with you?

Well, according to the advice of relationship scientists and experts, it's entirely possible to see if someone just decides for you or not.

You just have to be vigilant enough to stay alert to the many signs and red flags that can actually happen. It's about making sure you teach yourself about the signs and are aware of the things that are happening in your relationship.

Not many people may know this, but the truth is that it takes so much energy and effort to actually "settle" with someone in a relationship.

Ironically, the solution requires a lot of work. Think about it for a moment. You have to constantly conjure a fake smile. You should always wear some kind of mask to hide how you really feel.

It takes so much attention to detail to make sure you don't get caught up in your lie. This can be very tiring and excitingly compromising. 

If you have a partner who just comes up with their love for you, think about how much work goes into it. They should always try to imitate what you do to them.

But everything feels so forced. It is all so unnatural and inorganic. It is all so weird and difficult. As if the relationship itself isn't difficult enough, even if love is real. Becomess is infinitely more difficult when someone just falls in love.

It always takes a lot of energy to enter into a working relationship. But love in a real relationship should always be constant. If you have to "force" a love, it's just a lot of extra energy and effort. 

And this is definitely not something most people are able to offer in a relationship. This is why if you realize that your partner decides only for you, you should call him. You have to say something.

You must make sure that you do not allow things to escalate further or you will be unhappy and disappointed by the condition of your wrong romance. If you notice the following signs in your husband, it is likely that he is just doing his love for you and is just going to settle down.

1. He doesn't really show a deep interest in any part of your life.

He's really not trying to get to know you better. He doesn't really tell you that he invested in your life in any way.

2. He doesn't make you feel like a partner you can trust.

Instead of making you feel like you have someone you can always count on, he rarely shows up for you. It does not deliver when you expect it.

3. He is always critical of how you behave.

He is overly critical of the way you behave to the point that you always feel he is condemning you for something.

4. He only makes contact with you every time you have s3x.

The only time you feel a real bond with her is when you have s3x. Otherwise you are just an empty wall to him. 

5. He doesn't really make plans for your relationship.

He is not really concerned about the future of your relationship. He never really takes the initiative to plan things for the two of you.

6. You feel underestimated and underestimated.

He never does anything to make you feel that he appreciates everything you do for him. He just always sails and acts alone.

7. It does not give you a safe space to express yourself in your relationships.

He really does not give you the freedom to express yourself freely and openly.

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