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5 Things Every Woman Wants Her Man To Do Without Asking

Girls are emotional creatures. They tend to expect guys, who are essentially the exact opposite in nature, will understand what they want from in a relationship.

Keeping your love alive doesn’t have to be hard if you do a little every day. There are obvious things that men should always do for their ladies without being asked.

Relationships consist of a lot of giving and taking. Making a woman happy is actually really simple and just making little things to make her feel special and loved.

Below is a list of things every women wants her man to do without asking:

1. Take her on dates:

Whether you’ve just met or have already lived together for some time, it’s always important to keep your relationships fresh. Some women love surprises, others not so much, but everyone equally likes dates, especially when the man spend some time planning one.

2. Caring:

Women by their general nature, care for their partner. They expect the same sort of sincerity towards themselves. They appreciate a man who is interested in knowing about their day, caring for their health and their safety.

Be a tough guy for the world, but your girl needs all your attention and care. Who doesn’t like to be pampered? So do girls. Take care of her & be there when she needs. 

3. Give her compliments:

Since your girlfriend is as human as you are, she’d be flattered and thrilled by compliments, especially if they come from you. Compliment her when she is dolled-up and compliment her when she is in everyday clothes with little makeup.

4. Giving her some money:

Some ladies won't ask for any money from you. However, it will be a nice idea if you give her some money to go shopping or make her nails and hair once in a while just to show how much you care.

5. Return the favour in bed:

Let’s get real now, shall we? Girls might not always ask for it in bed, but they love to receive the return favour.

Nothing is great than a man who understands the needs of his woman and never shies away from pleasuring her.

Girls are so confusing sometimes. But, if you take the time to do these 5 things, you’ll receive millions of “awww’s” and “thank you’s” from that special girl in your life. 

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