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A woman Must Be Above the Husband In Four Things For a Successful Marriage.

A woman Must Be Above the Husband in Four Things For a Successful Marriage.

Marriage is the union between a man and a woman to form a family. Marriage is an honourable venture and very sweet too if the woman and the man understand each other. 

Apart from loving the man more than the husband does, the woman must be above her husband in these four things in order to enhance their marriage relationship. They are:

1) Neatness. The wife should be able to to be neat always in order remain attractive to the husband man. The neat woman appeals to the man and holds the man tight against husband snatchers and marriage breakers.

2) In as much as the man is the head of family the woman should strive to be a good planner of how money is used in the house. She should be economical and good manager of resources of the man .

3) Prayer. Prayer is very important in every home. At times the men are always busy pushing money without the time to pray for themselves and their families. In this case it is the prayers of the woman that sustains the family and the man. The woman must be above his husband in prayer to ensure a good and a successful marriage. Prayer is the key to a successful marriage. It wards evils off in the family.

4) Patience is very important in any venture and relationship talk more of marriage. The woman must be able to endure and tolerate certain things from the impatient woman scatters the home. He won't be patient with the husband. Patient woman gives peace and blessings to the family.

I bet you if you want your marriage to succeed in you must have be above your husband in these four things in marriage.

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