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3 Words Women Love To Hear Other Than I Love You

Women love to hear the words I love you especially when it is coming from a man that they truly love, but I always tell people that other than " I love you" there are still certain words that women love to hear also. Below are 3 words women love to hear other than I love you:

1.) You look beautiful: This should be one of their favorite words to hear, women love it when their men constantly compliment them and tell them that they look beautiful.

2.) I am here for you: Women love to hear this words so much because it affirms their man's love and commitment towards them, when you tell a woman that you are here for her she feels protected and covered.

3.) I am all yours: As a man your woman doesn't necessarily needs to catch you cheating on her before you constantly reaffirm it to her that you are all hers, when you tell your woman that you are all hers she tends to know and feel confident in your love for her at all times.

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