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5 Things You Should Know Before Approaching Any Woman

How to approach an attractive woman in public is what many guys want to know about. This is because they don't want to be embarrassed. What if I told you that most of your fears don't happen? Women hardly embarrass men in public, it is the mindset of the man that needs to change. In this article, you will learn things you should be aware of before approaching a woman.

1. You should approach her with confidence: Imagine you have something valuable to give the woman, how will you behave? You see, your approach will change because the woman needs you not the other way around. This is the confidence you need when approaching a woman. You Should walk tall and speak confidently. If you act weak, she will ignore you before you say anything. 

2. Don't waste time: When you see an attractive woman and your mind says she is your type, don't think twice before saying "hi" to her. If you overthink talking to her, that will be the end. Listen, women usually know when a man doesn't have the ball to approach them. If you wait too long, she will think you are not confident enough to talk to her. So, learn to approach immediately. 

3. Use the right body language: Don't approach a woman facing her, approach from the side. When you are talking to her, act like you are busy and about to leave. Don't behave like you have the 24 hours to spend with her. 

4. Get her phone number and leave: The primary reason for approaching her is to get her phone number. After talking to her for some minutes, tell her it was nice meeting her. Then, when you are about to leave, bring out your phone and give it to her to put down her phone number. Many women don't usually know what to say at this point because many guys are fond of asking, "can I have your number?" Giving her your phone without asking a question shows confidence. Get the phone number and leave immediately.

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