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Parents Please Do not Let Your Kids Watch These Cartoons (Opinion)

Indeed, there are cartoons that are very inappropriate for young people, especially little kids.

Parents and guardians must watch out for cartoons such as these, cartoons that carry dirty languages and even s*xually suggestive toons must not be exposed to a growing child.

It is very much a fact that whatever you exposed your child to will greatly influence his or her character when they get older, you might think all cartoons harmless, but in the long run, you will be able to see just how much these 18+ cartoons have affected your young child.

Thus, let us jump right into the mix and have a look at some cartoon that you shouldn't let your kids watch.

1) Sausage party

This one is very inappropriate for young children.

2) Rick and Morty

3) Boondocks

I have seen every season of the boondock, though this is a very good show, but it is strictly for adults. Definitely, 18+ content can be found on this one.

4) The Simpsons

5) Family Guy

Family guy might look harmless, but it is way worse than the boondocks, Family has strong language and dirty jokes are everywhere on it.

6) The loud house

7) foster's home for imaginery friends

8) Caillou

9) Pokemon

10) SpongeBob SquarePants

The cartoons list should not be throw into the faces of young children because it will greatly corrupt them or lower the educational standards you are trying to set for your child.

Some of the cartoons here might be funny, but they can also dump down your child's level of intelligence.

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