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Mixed Reaction As People Talk About What It Means When Kola Is Facing Up

Soothsayers, Diviners, herbalist do make use of Kola nut fruit to predict the future especially in the olden days. Some people believe that how the kola stands during the process of divination have meaning.

Although, many people don't believe in this things actually talks about future occurence, but the truth is that it exist and used perfectly by our forefathers.

A question was asked in Igbo rant Facebook group about the meaning of of Kola nut especially when it's facing up. The belief is that the direction signify something about the future.

This question has got people sharing their personal opinion. Some are of the view that when it faces up it means there is going to be good omen, tidings, luck and peace. See more of what they are saying below.

In is your own idea about this kola but position? Do you believe this items and how it turns during divination can truthfully made the future known?

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