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Opinion: Don't Make The Mistake Of Marrying Women In These Category

Marriage is an amazing thing, but when you find yourself with the wrong person, and realizing that it is "till death do you part," it becomes a nightmare on earth experience. Before you hurry to the altar to tie the knot with that lady, there are some things you must watch out for before it is too late.

In this article, I will be sharing some women that you should not consider marrying as a guy:

1) Don't marry women who can cheat and who sleep around. Even you, see the stress it takes to be faithful, imagines someone sleeping around. That will be harder. It would be a heavy pill for you to swallow in discovering that your wife is sharing her body that is meant for you with another man. Once you detect this sign, I would advise you to back out.

(2) Don't wed women who frequent too many prophets. She may either commit adultery, damage your marriage with mythical prophecies from the prophet, etc. Some women in an attempt to keep you all to themselves may visit some so-called diabolical prophets. They may give them some portion to put either in your food or drink.

(3) Don't marry women who are in mammy water or Marine kingdom. They will deal with you to pieces, except they fall in love with you. If you disgust them, you may see severe fire. You may ask this question, how do I know that she is in such a kingdom? That is why you must be prayerful. Is not every pretty lady that you see on the road, that is a human being.

(4) Don't marry women who are pretenders. Be cautious of women who rush you with "are you born again?", "Hope you are devoted in church?", "Hope you read your Bible today?" Some may be real SCAM just to delude you. Look for real ladies who may not be perfect but straightforward.

(5) Don't marry women who have personal male friends, except you are lucky. The male friend may finish them sexually. Except the male friend does not have sex as his vulnerable point. Once you notice that almost 90 percent of her friends are males, brother I advise you to run for your life. You might be thinking that you are the only lucky one among the rest, but you can be very wrong.

(6) Don't marry women who have not terminated their relationship totally with their ex or are still attached to those who deflowered them. It might not be funny later. A lady has a special attachment to the first person that deflowered her unless she is now born again. If not, you better watch out against marrying her.

7. Don't marry a highly materialistic lady. She may end up depleting your finances overnight.

8. Don't marry a lady that has a high sexual urge. Once you travel and leave her alone for like a week, brother your own is sorry.

Nevertheless, there are still many good marriable ladies out there.

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