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Relationship Green Flags To Look Out For

When you’re involved in a romantic relationship, it’s always important to keep an eye out for the subtle things that can drain the happiness out of your life. Whether your partner acts overly needy, exhibits controlling behavior, plays mind games or shows signs that they aren’t really the person you think they are, red flags are always things to keep an eye out for.

But you should also be looking for small signs that the person you are involved with has the ability to make your life better for the long haul. These are some green flags to watch for in a relationship that can reveal your partner is a keeper.

Comfortable Silence

You wouldn’t think of “Pulp Fiction” as a movie to find great relationship insight in, but there is one scene that brings an overlooked green flag to the forefront. In it, Uma Thurman extolls the virtues of being able to share a comfortable silence with someone and how that means “you’ve found somebody really special.” If you and your partner are able to simply be together in a space without either of you feeling the need to constantly talk to fill the silence, especially early in a relationship, you’ve got something truly comfortable.

Open Communication

The ability to communicate clearly and without fear of repercussion may be the greenest flag you can find in a relationship. This can be as simple as having a partner who shares their naked feelings with you on any topic, no matter how trivial it may seem. Many of us have known people who leave the burden on others to wear a detective hat and decipher how they feel, based on nonverbal signs, the tone of written messages or the dreaded silent treatment. That type of behavior is a red flag but having someone who respectfully tells you what bothers them is a great sign.

No Head Games

This ties in with the previous green flag, as it boils down to clear communication. Many people unfortunately love to play immature head games with people they are dating, especially in the early stages of a relationship, that make the other person wonder if they are even interested in them. Communicating with your partner from long distances shouldn’t stress you out. If your partner doesn’t make you wonder whether they’ll respond to your messages, that’s a great sign.

You Know They Are On Your Side

Many people have known exes that tried to embarrass them in front of others, even if it was in a half-hearted, joking manner. In a popular Reddit thread about relationship green flags, user chapter2at30 shared a relatable example about a former boyfriend who would tease her in front of his family, sharing things she was embarrassed about or telling them how nervous she was to be around them, therefore compounding the uncomfortable feelings. When a new boyfriend told her he was on her side and that he’d never try to embarrass her, she posted, “it was like a freaking lightbulb.”

They Don’t Gang Up Against You

This is another one that you can see clearly when you spend time with your partner and their family or a close group of their friends. If you do something odd or different than that group and your partner defends you, rather than ganging up with the others to make you feel self-conscious, that’s a great sign that they respect you. A little playful teasing isn’t always a bad sign but if it feels like your partner is clearly trying to make you feel awkward or embarrassed in front of others that they respect, that’s something else.

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