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4 Reasons That Can Make A Lady Breakup With The Man She Loves

A man can be fortunate enough to have an amazing lady who loves him with all she got in a relationship, but that is just a privilege that cannot last for a lifetime. For a man to keep having a lady who loves him pretty much in his life, he needs to earn it by doing things that will make the lady to continue staying with him, otherwise, it will be an issue of time before she leaves his life.

One may wonder why a lady would make the decision of leaving the man she so much have affection for when love is in the picture. Well, contrary to what most people think about love, LOVE IS NEVER ENOUGH in a relationship. Other basic needs have to be in place before love can be instrumental in any relationship.

A lady can leave a man even when she loves him so much because of the following reasons;

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1. She is ready for marriage but the man is not financially ready for marriage. Most ladies who agree to be in a relationship with a man do so with the expectation of walking down the aisle with him in a proposed time. Needless to say, time is of great essence to ladies in the area of marriage. A man can be up to 50 of age and marry any adult female whenever he is ready for marriage but same cannot be said about ladies, because their time is naturally limited. If a lady has made up her mind to be married at a particular time but the man won't be ready to marry her in the said time, she can choose to leave him despite how much she loves him.

2. She is getting nothing but pains and tears.

Every lady desires to be pampered and treated right by her man. In a situation where all she get from her partner in a relationship is pain and tears, if she is tired of enduring those things, she can also leave her partner no matter how much love she has for him.

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3. She can leave when she perceives that her future is not safe with the man. One of the many things that a lady would expect from her lover is future security. Once she perceives that she would not be able to have the kind of marital fulfilment and future she has always fantasized from the man in her life, she won't take the risk of staying with him to jeopardize her future happiness because of love alone.

4. She is not getting the right treatment from the man.

Most ladies cannot cope(not for long) with a man who does not treat them right. They always look forward to having a man who will cherish and treat them special. Having a contrary treatment will force them to jilt the man even when they love him with their whole being.

So, you see? Don't always feel that a lady leaving a relationship is always as a result of not loving the man. The emergence of love may be a feeling but its management is a decision.

Therefore, as a man, if you want that lady in your life to keep remaining in your life, don't just fold your arms; prove it to her via convincing actions. Trust me, no sane lady would leave a man that completes her. You may be the problem and not her.

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