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Man Breaks Up with His Fiancee After What He saw in Her Phone Stuns Him, Checkout What He Saw.

A Nigerian Man has complained on nairaland about how he has lost a very sweet relationship.

He claims to have been in a relationship with this lady some years ago, but she left because he wasnt committed. Years later he missed her and decided to go back. They met and restarted their relationship and things were going very well.

One day he checked her phone and saw that she was chatting with a married man and from the chat she was in a relationship with him.

The young man claims to have confronted her and she apologized and begged him. She had explained that she was forced into the relationship because her mother had neglected to provide for her. He forgave her.

Later he saw another post in her phone where she sent someone a bedroom picture that was taken in his bedroom. She again apologised and begged him that she was just flirting with the guy and that it was just a fling. He forgave her.

During this last Val, he again saw that she was still chatting with the married man and not just that. He checked her browsing history and all he was seeing was "how to make a married man fall in love with you and spend on you"

That was when he concluded that she is a chronic cheater and a runs girl.

He broke up with her after the following conversation happened.

but he is asking for advice. He claims that she really loves him and has even spent lot of money on him and that he really loves her enough to make her his wife.

What do you suggest for such a man? Was he wrong for going through her phone all the time? Was he insecure?

Can she really love him inspite of all this? What advice will you give him?

Please share your advice for him.

Read the full gist here

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