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Husband and wife relationship

Ten Things Every Husband And Intending Husbands Must Know

1. Marriage means giving up all other women to the attention of one woman

2. God created your wife to function on love and if you are not giving her love,she will malfunction

3. You must have a clear purpose and vision,a husband without a cleae purpose and vision in life will frustrate his wife.she is a helpmeet but she has to meet something to help,if you are not doing anything,how then can she help?

4. You cannot profess to love your wife without giving her gifts,for gifts brings out the child in a satisfies her,so try it

5. Learn to give your wife positive things that she will multiply them back to you.Every woman has an inherent incubator.she multiplies everything she receives.Give her sperm,she will give you a baby,give her a smile and she will give you her heart but give her frustration and she will you a little flame of hell

6. A man's boby was given to enable him guard and protect his family.But when he uses it to abuse his wife,his family stands destroyed.Never use your manliness against your family members

7. The woman is the glory of the man.For your to radiate and shine,it is your responsibility

8. Every husband is acoach to the wife and coaches are patient people.Therefore,learn to be patient with your wife

9. Always find new ways of making your wife better

10. In order to be the provider God created you to be,thereare four things you must have,Divine favour,Divine wisdom,Divine knwowlege and understanding

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