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If You Don't Have A Partner It Could Be Because Of These 3 Things.

Most people don't know why they are single, they find it difficult to be in a relationship because of these things I am going to be listing below. 

1. Your mentality about love. 

Most men and women don't believe in love any more because of what they have gone through in their past relationship, so they find it difficult to be open to someone again, or your friends always have a heart break whenever they find themselves in a relationship, both of you are not in the line of fire. Anything you believe will surely work for you, being in a relationship is a nice thing once you are with the right person because he or she will make you feel so loved, so don't use your hands to push love away, always pray for your own man or woman. 

2. You have low self-esteem. 

As a man or woman, never have a low self-esteem, always be fearless and dependable, always remember that you have to love yourself first before someone can love you, so don't have a low self-esteem because you aren't able to handle a relationship. 

3. You set unrealistic standards. 

As a man or a woman before you set a standard of man or woman you want to date, you have to be on a type of level that will fit your partner, so don't go and make impossible standard of man or woman you need in your life because you will notice that you will end up bring single for a long time, I know everyone has the speck of man or woman she or she wants to date but never have a high standard of man or woman that will be difficult for you to see.

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