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Fiction: Two reasons why I love my ex-girlfriend more than my current girlfriend

The truth is that I love my current girlfriend but the love I have for her, is not to be compared with the love I have for my ex-girlfriend up till today.

Here are two reasons why I love my ex-girlfriend more than my current girlfriend.

1. My ex-girlfriend comes from a poor family background but she is very supportive.

Despite the fact that she doesn't have much, but she will always support me in whatever i do no matter how little.

While my current girlfriend comes from a very rich family, but it's very difficult for her to support me, rather she will take the little I have and add to her own.

2. My ex-girlfriend is very intelligent and she always bring out better ideas whenever there is a problem to be solved.

Although my current girlfriend is intelligent, but she can never give u a listening ear, talk more of bringing out a better idea in terms of problems.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that me and my ex-girlfriend are no longer dating, but we still love each other.

Now my question is, should I quit my current girlfriend and go back to my ex-girlfriend or should I just go ahead and date both of them?

Please your advice is needed at the comment section.

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