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Why Men Are Advised To Regularly Take Bananas Before Getting Intimate With Their Partners

To a man it's usually an experience quite bad to display a bad performance on bed to your lady. To Avoid this, many men are willing and have taken so many pills, concoctions and the rest of them inorder to enhance their performances.

Nature made the right plants and fruits for us so we can eat and gain these benefits from them. Some of us are aware while many of us are not. Banana is actually one of such fruits.

Source: Medical News Today

Sweet and usually yellow when ripe. It serves as snack as well as food depending on the motive of the consumer. Among the benefits bananas can bless us with, the one we seem to ignore the most is the fact that it can enhance the bedroom performance of our men.

Bananas are good sources of B vitamins which are providers of energy

Consuming banana before intercourse can provide you with the needed energy your body needs to actively engaged in the intercourse. The act of intercourse on the part of the man is a deal that requires much input of energy. With banana, the energy needed can be obtained.


Potassium which is among the major nutrients found in bananas would help relax your blood vessels so as to allow blood flow smoothly through them.

The process of erection would occur when there is a massive influx of blood into the erectile tissue of the male genitalia. This is what makes it hard. When blood flow into this tissue is insufficient, the erection would be a weak one.

Bromelain which is an enzyme found in banana helps improve the urge in men.

Some of the concoctions a lot of men have embraced and willingly consumed in the pursuit for enhancement could actually be harmful to the human health as we do not know what exactly they are made of. Banana is more natural and precise. You know what you are eating. Go ahead and try it. Do not forget to stay far away from artificial sugars, they are enemies to good performance on bed.


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