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6 Medical Tests You Should Have Before Marriage

Being with the right partner is always a happy thing, congratulations. Before you walk down the aisle or before you say your vows however, you should first of all visit the doctor and run some tests. The importance of these tests can not be over emphasized as negligence or ignorance has caused more harm than good in either spouses or their offspring. Preventable disease has being spread and regrets has been the other of the day in some homes. See below a list of some tests to run before saying I do.

1. HIV and STD or STI.

Statistics shows that 50% of people have STIs and does not know about it. It is very good to know these as Hiv, herpes, Hepatitis B and C, gonorrhea, syphilis, yeast infections can be sexually transmitted. Some of these mentioned diseases are lifelong while others can be cured.

2. Fertility test.

Procreation is the fruit of marriage, children are gifts from God. While some infections may hinder couples from conceiving, they are also treatable. So this test will help detect them and save some emotional stress. These includes seminal analysis, pelvic ultrasound scans, hormonal assay.

3. Blood group.

To avoid issues arising from blood group incompatibility or rhesus incompatibility, it is good to know your blood group. The bloods groups are A, B, O, and AB. Rhesus factor can be positive or negative, if a rhesus positive father marries a rhesus negative mother, their child has a 50% chance of being rhesus positive, if this happens, blood incompatibility may occur, cause hemolytic disease of the baby, to prevent this, precautions can be taken during pregnancy.

4. Genotype.

It is important so couples do not have children suffering from sickle cell. There as AA, AS, SS genotypes. An AA person can get married to any other genotype whereas an AS person is a carrier of sickle cell gene and must be sure not to marry an AS partner else, they may have an SS baby. Sickle cell disease is a lifelong one, please do your home work.

5. Genetic medical history.

Be it diabetes or heart disease it is good to know the medical history of your spouse family because it can affect your baby.

6. Chronic medical conditions.

It is good to know these conditions, some are life threatening but getting those knowledge will help you both look out properly for yourselves, please do not hide or shy from it. Be vulnerable to your spouse to be, examples includes, high blood pressure, asthma, kidney diseases. This knowledge however, will enable you know ways of handling an attack, medical emergency, and take up necessary lifestyles as well as quit lifestyles that can affect you or trigger an attack

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