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The process to marry a lady from Igala

Marriage is always a happy thing to do. It is when you finally be joined to the love of your life. The joining process varies from culture to culture and the marriage culture of the Igala people of Nigeria will be discussed.

Once a girl reaches the age of 15, they can be allowed to marry. Sometimes courting takes place between the boy and the girl. Sometimes the parents of the boy can find a bride for their son. Marriage can be arranged between the parents of the boy and girl.

Generally, the process for a boy to take a girl as wife in Igala is given below.

1. When the boy and girl have courted for a while, they both inform their parents about the relationship. Both parents will enquire about the I law to be (the girl's parents will investigate the boy, while the boy's parents will investigate the girl). This is done to get proper information about the family their child is about to enter.

2. If the information gathered goes well with the parents, the boy's parents will visit the girl's parents to notify them about their intentions to marry their daughter. The parents usually go with gifts for this visit. If the gift is accepted, then it means the girl's parents accept that the marriage can take place.

3. Payment of the dowry as listed by the girl's parents will be paid. After payment has been made, a day to celebrate will be fixed.

4. After celebrations have been concluded, the new bride, in company of her family members, will be escorted to her new home. Her properties will be carried along as well.

5. When the bride reaches the husband's house, the family of the groom will be there to welcome their new wife. While the two families are celebrating in the house, the bride and groom will be sent to their bedroom to know themselves intimately. The intimate affair is done on a white clothe so that a proof of virginity can be shown to the family. If she appears to have been a virgin, more gifts are given to her.

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