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How to motivate your child for greatness

Most parent, tend to motivate their children by giving then rewards such as candy , trophies etc and we all think that is works, well yes it works but does it last? No because when the rewards stops the behavior stops too.

However these are ways to motivate your child without bribing them.

-Talk to them:

Tell them the importance of the Activity for example, "it is important that you clean your room, so that when you look for something, you will find it" , or you can tell them " if you want to get better at something, then practice more" don't use words like "you have to", "must" it triggers command rather than motivation.

- Use positive reinforcement:

When something requires motivation, make a big deal out of it like Wow! Son I really appreciate you doing my laundry etc. This sign of deep and sincere appreciation will motivate them to do more to get your appreciation. After all that is what all children wants "Appreciation".

- Offer choices:

Give them choices that are approved by you, offering them choices make them feel in control. Although, it is your approved idea such as " would you do you leave homework with me or you will do it by yourself" give then choices and they will feel in control and this will motivate them to actually do what they feel no control about.

- Set goals:

Let your child make their own goals although with your guidance not your decision. Ask then what they want to accomplish and be okay with that and when they reach their goal, encourage then with positive remarks like " Wow! that's great, you did very well, I am proud of you" no candy or treats needed all they need is your proud face at their success.

- Understand their capabilities:

Don't assume that everything is a motivation issue, there might be something else involved that is keeping them from been motivated. For example, maybe they just don't understand the math problem or lack confidence in their skills on the plain field. Be mindful that not every thing is motivation issue rather assist them to in solving this issue.

- Make it a competition:

Healthy competition is good and it triggers their brain to word hard to win. But make sure they are not been negative towards the other person they are competing against. For example, "let see the fastest to put out their clothes and get back to the living room" etc

- Model the behavior:

Like father like son as the saying goes. If you want your child to do something, do something similar to it . For example is you want your child to clean up after themselves you need to do the same or if you want to child to eat and live healthy you better be doing the same and most importantly if you want your child to be always motivated, never give up on your own business.

Content created and supplied by: Femiisamson (via Opera News )


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