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People Reacted To What A Man Did For His Pregnant Wife

People can do anything for love, but most times it can mean many things, either you have charmed or you are a fool. But when you truly love someone, you dont care what people say.

People reacted on twitter when a young man was seen lying across a gutter for his pregnant wife to cross. The suprising thing is that the gutter is not that wide for she to cross. But could it be the love and care he has for his wife that made him to do that or he is simply mad.

Am sure, this only happens when they are younger, once they start getting old, this kind of love starts to fade away. The man no longer does what he used to do for his wife and same apply to some women too. But I know there are some husbands and wives who love themselves to the end no matter the conditions.

People were really surprised because they call it the highest madness for love, if you were a man, can you do that for your wife or if you were a woman can you allow your husband to do that in public for your sake?

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