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4 Ways To Prove Your Love To A Man Without Getting Intimate With Him

I know it might seem almost impossible these days to be in a relationship and not be intimate. Some ladies think that the only way to show their love to a man is by sleeping with him. Let me remind you that sleeping with a man does not prove love, cause these days even people that have no feelings for each other at all, do it. I know intimacy in a relationship is very crucial and important but when you as a lady makes your body all you have to offer as a prove of love, then it becomes a problem.

A man can lose interest in that kind if woman at anytime and when that happens all you'll be able to say is "after everything I've done for you", but what have you actually done for him?

Well if you want to know ways in which you can prove your love to a man and make your relationship better, here are 4 ways:

1. Cook for him once in a while:

Mind you, you are not his wife yet so this should not be done all the time. Just take your time once in a while and prepare a delicious delicacy for your man and he will know what he'll loose if he ever lets you go. There's this saying that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach so imagine you are already in his heart, you'll just be making stronger your love by doing this.

2. Cuddle him:Sometimes all your man need is affection from you. When his not in the best state, probably things din't go too well for him at work. Give him a tight hug and don't let go for a period of time. let him emotionally feel your love for him.

3. Take him out and pay the bills:

It's funny how women think that spending in a relationship is only meant to be done by the man. I know the man carries a higher responsibility in this aspect but you as a woman should show your appreciation and love by taking your man out once in a while and paying the bills.

4. Do some house chores for him:

Some ladies think it is only the responsibility of a wife to do house chores but how do you prove that you are worthy of marriage when you can't even help your man in some chores. I didn't say you should do all the work all the time but some chores you find out that his lazy to do, you can help. That way, you are actually doing things for him that if he lets you go, he will not find it so funny.

Try these 4 ways and see your relationship get better by the day.

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