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2 Basic Things You Can Do When You Keep Having Relationships That Do Not End Well

Some of us do think that continuously having unsuccessful relationships every now and then in our journey of finding someone who can complete us and make us feel wholly loved is a spiritual problem. No, it is not. It is more decisional than spiritual. In other words, such reoccurrence is caused by the decisions we take in the process of accepting someone for a relationship.

In life, you can't do things same way over and over again, and expect to get different results. That is almost impossible! When you keep meeting same men or ladies in a relationship, you should do the following:

1. Review and modify your checklist. 

What is checklist? Someone may ask. It is a physical or mental list that contains the things you desire to find in a person before you think of giving him/her a chance in your life to have a relationship with you.

The following is an example of a checklist:

i) He/she must be tall/short.

ii) He/she must be fair/dark.

iii) He /she must be educated.

iv) She must have figure 8.

v) She must be well endowed front and back.

vi) He must have beards.

vii)He must be from my tribe.

viii) He/she must have a car etc.

The above items could be someone's checklist. As a man or lady, if the man/lady MUST have those things before you accept him/her into your life for a relationship, there is every chance that you will be meeting same men or ladies in your quest for finding someone whom you can confidently call your own. 

If you find yourself in a situation of meeting the same kind of people, you need to modify and review your checklist. That is, add and delete some items from the list. Again, you should not be strict in following the list whenever you meet someone new. You can make compromises. If your checklist contains 6 items, you can compromise 2 and stick to only 4 BASIC items. 

One of the problems some of us have when it comes to checklist is sticking to frivolities. What are frivolities? Things that you can do without or things that their absence won't really create any harm to our relationship.

2. Work on yourself, because you may likely be the reason why your relationships do not last. Truth be told, there is no enemy anywhere ; we are the enemies of ourselves through our actions and inactions. What if you are the reason why your relationships don't end well? What if it is due to your attitudes and behaviour towards the man or lady with those you have met in the past? For instance, expecting any or lady you are having a relationship with to be flawless and faultless? If that is the case, you won't have a successful relationship because in the first place, you cannot find a perfect and flawless person on Earth. The bottom line is, you need to self examine yourself and make adjustments where and when necessary.

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