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5 Things Women Do When They Love You

Women act differently when they love or have feelings for you and there are numerous ways to find out. As a man, you have to be very careful at this point, so as not to misinterpret what she's communicating.

In this article, I will be showing you 5 things women do when they love you.

1. She communicates and replies to you well.

when a woman loves you, she communicates with you in the best way she can. When it comes to replying to your messages online, she will tend to reply on time and when it comes to advising, she will be there to give the best advice. A woman that loves you will find joy in communicating with you and she will always want to do that all the time.

2. She feels insecure when she sees you with other girls.

A woman that loves you will easily feel insecure when she sees you with other girls, most especially when you are playing with those girls and you will notice a kind of displeasure on her face. This is because she loves you and doesn't want another woman to take you away from her. This is one of the things a woman would do when she loves you.

3. She always listens to your advice. 

You will discover she listens to your advice whenever you give her one and at the same time relates her problem to you. Women want their crush or loved ones to know when they are not happy and when they are confused. Instead of telling her friends, she will come to you for advice and any advice you give her, she will make use of it. 

4. She would give you all her attention.

A woman that loves you will give you all her attention and time. She will always want you to talk with her and she will always come to the places you are. Nevertheless, she may be trying not to make it too obvious, but you will still notice it.

5. Her priority will be your safety and she will want to know everything about you.

For instance, if you tell her you are traveling and she knows it's not safe at that time, she will tell you not to go and give you the reason why you shouldn't go, even if you go, she will keep calling you just to know where you are.

She would also ask a lot of questions about you, things you like, and things you don't like just for her to know how to act in order not to offend you.

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