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How to keep your girlfriend from married men

My young man, you may not realize this, but you are probably the reason why your girl has a sugar Daddy. O you think she is not tempted to keep one? Error. And many more girls are getting more frustrated in relating with single guys.

And you may even conclude that no matter what you do, girls will still follow married men, that's not always true. Most girls won't even date married men, all things being equal.

Here are some tips that can help you get your girl fully back.

1. Cool your temper .

One reason she is dating older men, is because you're too easily provoked. At a slightest provocation, you slap or threaten to beat her up. Older men are mostly as calm as sea, even when provoked.

2. Leave her phone alone.

You don't really have any business with her phone, even if you bought it for her. She may be dating you, but she is also entitled to her privacy. Most older men don't go through girls' phones.

3. Ignore her calls.

Her phone rings, you suddenly become all ears. If she doesn't pick, it's problem. If she picks, it's problem. Older men don't bother to listen to her calls so she is even very free to make several calls in his presence.

4. Give her money.

It may be true, you probably don't have plenty money like her Sugar Daddy, but you can do your best. You are not giving her money but you are constantly suspecting her, begging another babe with money.

5. Be caring and considerate.

Always think of her welfare. Don't just call simply because you want her to visit you. Show genuine concern for her health and welfare.

6. Pet her.

Indeed, her shakara may be too much, but that's what makes her a lady. Remember, she is an African woman. It is your work to pet her, baby her. That's what some married men do to them. All girls like petting.

7. Give her money.

Don't wait until she asks for money. In fact, a girl who is not asking you for money will soon leave you for this same reason. Ladies are always almost broke. Recharge her phones always.

8. Stop behaving like her boss.

You are not yet married to her and yet you boss her around. Even in marriage, be a partner, not a superior and a boss. Be her hero.

9. Stop being too jealous.

What's yours will remain yours. No matter how much you monitor her, she will always have her way. Allow her to socialize with other guys, after all, you may not even marry her.

10. Stop disturbing her about sex.

It makes her feel that all you want from her is sex. Most married men don't bother their girls about sex and yet they still show care.

11. Stop thinking she is loose.

Don't think she is a cheap girl simply because she is excited about you. Don't make her to withdraw into her shell. And stop telling your guys how easy you got her. Don't forget that this girl you got on the first date, several guys have been toasting her for years without success

12. Don't deceive her.

If you have no plan to marry her, maybe she is not good enough as wife material, be honest, and tell her marriage is not on your mind.

Finally, take time to study how responsible men treat their women and imitate.

I wish you a successful relationship.

Content created and supplied by: Mrincredibles1 (via Opera News )


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