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Married Women! Please Avoid These 7 Things If You Want To Live Long!

It's unbecoming that there are so many articles on the topic of women, advising them to do this and that. Infact, I saw an article yesterday advising women to do some unthinkable things just to "keep a man".

First of all, no one keeps anybody. Marriage is not 50:100 because most of these articles ask women to give their 100% while the man comfortably give his 50%. Some, even give 25%. That's a terrible thing. If you are married and you want to really live long as a woman, please avoid these 7 things. May God help you as you follow through -


Some women have been so poorly treated by men that they have settled with the mindset that "all men cheat", "all men are useless", "all men are wicked" etc. Depending on who you married, you might have jammed a man with questionable traits. Since marriage is for life, the first step to take is to change your mindset. What is Faith? The evidence of things unseen. You have to by faith change your mindset and by faith continuously speak positive things about "all men" and even, your husband. This is because what you accept as your mindset is what you'll continually see.


Firstly, do you have value? Secondly, do you know your value? Lastly, if you answered "YES" to the above two, then DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS. Most women are known for settling for less than their value in marriages just to "keep a man". A man would never be kept when you settle for less. He'll rather be a public good. Rather, prove your value, maintain your standard and see your husband appreciate and hold you in high esteem


So many women have left the job of being a "wife and help meet" to become a "mother" to their Husband. Whether your husband's mother is alive or not, stick to your role. Once a man starts seeing you like his mother, he will definitely love you like his mother but go outside to find a lady he can love like his wife.


The reason why so many women develop high blood pressure at old age is because of how greatly they over task themselves. Everyday, they are doing one thing or the other by the hour - no single time for rest. It is not only unattractive, it is unhealthy. Learn to assign lesser tasks to your self per day and take a day off in the week to rest.


Some wives are fond of monitoring their husbands 24/7. Why did you choose to marry him if you do not trust him? Once you're married, you've entered your own pot of beans by yourself. Stop stressing yourself and stop worrying your head. Enjoy your life as a wife. Stop monitoring his phone and whereabouts. Give him the benefit of the doubt. This would save you headaches and heartaches.


Many women are fond of treating their husbands like children, thereby controlling him. Men do not like to be controlled. At the same time, do not over pamper him. He is an adult. Stop taking yourself for granted.


So many women postponed and even killed their dreams and life aspirations because of their Husband and children. Your husband is busy following his own dreams but you're in the house looking because you want to please him? So, what's your essence of being in this world? Did God waste His time creating you? God sent everyone to this world FOR A PURPOSE and not to be staying in one place because of a man. Some women even kill their dreams because of children. Your children will grow up and move on with their lives. The ones who remember you, you will already be too old and wretched to enjoy the goodies they plan for you.

Everyone came to this life on their own and will go back on their own too. Remember, there is no Husband and wife in heaven. If you're on earth and not fulfilling purpose on earth, you're simply telling God that He wasted His time creating you. Destinies are tied to your purpose. Stop being "just a wife". Be a woman of substance and value. Discover your purpose in life and pursue it, while balancing your life as a wife and mother. It's the same way your husband is pursuing his own life goals while balancing his life as a father and husband.

Some of you women are destined to be Leaders, Governors, Presidents, Reknown Pastors, Lawyers, Ambassadors, Engineers, Scientists, Reknown Chefs, Fashion Designers, Philanthropists etc. Many of you are destined to be wealthy and influential. Where are those dreams you had growing up? You killed and buried them because of Husband and children? God will definitely ask you when you stand before Him. You're like that servant in the Bible whom was given 1 talent but he buried it instead of multiplying it.

This is a wake up call to every woman. If your husband doesn't support you, support yourself and pursue your dreams. But do not let your role as a wife and mother be negatively affected by it. It's never too late. Start NOW.

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