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7 Daily Habits That Build A Strong Romantic Relationship

One teacher once said: Teach your kids to say please, thank you and I am sorry. I think as adults, in a relationship, we should also do the same thing: show respect by saying please, gratitude by saying thank you and genuine wish to improve by saying I am sorry. Relationships are about respect, gratitude, shared joy, support in an hour of need. If all these are present in a relationship, it creates a feeling of relaxation and trust. Trust cannot be built through an obligation or verbal promise. Trust is about feeling loved and appreciated and giving the same in return, exclusevely to that one person. If you do not feel nourished nor make anothet feel nourished what is the point in trust or staying together. So investing time, energy, respect and an open mind helps build a relationship.

Here are some daily habits that build a strong romantic relationship:

1. Listening is the number one for me. By listening to your partner, he or she really feels heard and appreciated. I don't need to make a point, just listen and accept he or she for what they say.

2. Talking is number two. If I listen, I also need to talk eventually. Some days your partner might have whole stories, some day they might only have a “I want to listen to you talk, I feel boring today and your day makes me happy.” By at least speaking to them, the conversation doesn't get too much one sided.

3. Communicating is number three and you might think “didn't you just mentioned that above?” Yes, but communication is also body language, eye contact, a touch or a kiss. The intimacy of communication makes your partner feel really heard and that's crucial in building a relationship. Don't fake it. If you don't feel like it, don't. But when you do, set your phone to the side and go in together.

4. Allow space. Give your partner space to be grumpy, sad, angry, whatever the mood is. You don't and can't change it. Just acknowledge their emotion and give them time to deal with it accordingly. Don't lock them out because you didn't get the attention the way you wanted when you wanted. Understand that their priority is themselves and than you.

5. Help them in areas where they are weak. The saying that “two is better than one” is also applicable in the areas of overcoming each other's weakness. Don't feed their weakness, help them uproot it.

6. Spend quality time together. It must not always be about s*x all the time. Spend time together to know each other better.

7. Look for what to appreciate in them. It must not be complaint all the time. People always love it when they're appreciated. It makes them feel better. It will make them feel loved and with that mindset, they'll love to do more.

I could go on and on. But ask him or her questions about what they want, need, like and express your wishes as well to see how compatible you are. I believe that these daily habits, when carefully digested and followed, will make your relationships stronger and better. It will become the envy of all.

Thanks for reading!!

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