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Cheek out the 7 truth about life and get the true colour about life

1) Nobody is real in this world except mother.

When everybody go against you in this world the only person that will stand by you is your mother

2) A poor person has no friends.

When you have nothing you have nobody but when you have something you have people,mean that when they don't gained anything from you they will run away.

3)People do not like good thoughts but they like good look

4) People respects the money not the person.

5)The person you love most will hurt you most

6) 'Truth is simple' But the moment you try to explain it,'it become difficult'.

7)In life two things define you

"Your patience"when you have nothing

Mean the way you behave to people when you are not well recognize as an important person.

"Your attitude"when you have everything.

Mean the way you also behave to people when you become an important person and well recognize.

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