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5 Ways to make your relationship work

One thing many people don't understand about relationship is that it is never perfect as even humans are always imperfect. Lovers who are the drivers of relationships are not perfect, so also are the relationships themselves. You can't make a relationship perfect because there must always be a want or a lack, but relationship can be managed. No matter how imperfect a relationship is, lovers can make it work if they want to.

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Running from one relationship to another in search of a perfect one or lover cannot help you. If you love your boyfriend or girlfriend, and if they love you too in return, then you have no reason to run from one relationship to another. Both of you can make it work by following the below tips.

1. You must not be afraid of conflict because it is present in every relationship.

First thing to consider in making a relationship work is conflict. I understand that there is true love between the two of you. That is very understandable because it is the reality. But I am telling you that no matter how you and your lover love yourselves, there must be conflict someday.

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Every relationship experience misunderstandings in form of conflicts, but how they manage it is what counts. If your relationship seems impossible to work, you may have been putting so much interest on conflicts.

You have to see conflicts as normal happenings in a relationship that must be tackled with love. Every successful relationship passed through this stage. The lovers understood that conflict is unavailable in a relationship, but can be controlled, so they were able to thrive.

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2. Make yourself emotionally matured.

Emotional maturity, as used here means knowing what to do and what to avoid in a relationship. Everyone has one or more emotional dysfunctions. Such dysfunctions could be over sensitivity, over defensiveness, lack of or poor communication skills and/or lack of emotional intelligence.

Some of this emotional dysfunctions are obvious to you. In this case, you should correct them by yourself without the help of anyone. In some cases, these dysfunctions may not be obvious to you. What you should do here is to make enquiry from your friends, exes and even your lover about these dysfunctions. Use their feedbacks to grow your emotions. After implementing all these, you will become emotionally matured.

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3. Create some spaces between yourselves.

Everyone need space to sort some personal things. What this means is that you should be mindful of your closeness to your lover. Visit him or her when necessary, not all the time. This is a sign of respect.

4. Be contented and take care of your needs by yourself.

When you become too demanding, you may obliviously become greedy and self-centered. But if you can take care of your needs by yourself, you and your lover may not have issue, especially when it comes to finance.

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5. Grow your love everyday to make it evergreen.

You need to water your love on a daily basis. Make it appear new on each blessed day. This will make it evergreen, and it will last forever.

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