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This man is dating three women Together and wants to decide which One to marry

This man is dating three women Together and wants to decide which One to marry

Marriage is an extremely crucial decision in everybody's life. You cannot just randomly decide to marry somebody. You have to sit, think and then decide it wisely. After all, you are gonna live your entire life with that person! The fun part here is to see who did what with the money!

The Idea

So this is a story of a man of wanted to get married. He was rich and handsome. He was going out with 3 women and wanted to marry one of them. All of them were pretty. So in order to select a girl, he thought of an idea. He decided to give $5,000 to each of the ladies and waited to see which one of them made the best use of it.

The First Lady

When the first lady got $5000, she went out to a salon and did her total makeover. She looked really different and more beautiful. She was of the opinion that she enhanced the way she looks for her man as she loved him so much! The man was impressed! She looked the prettiest!

The Second Lady

When the second lady got the money, she decided to buy expensive gifts and clothes for the guy himself. She gifted him a new set of STRONG golf clubs, some new gizmo’s for his computer, and some expensive clothes. She was of the opinion that she loved him so much and would wanna spend everything she has on him. Needless to say, the man was impressed even more!

The Third Lady

And in the end, when the third lady got the money, she invested the money in the stock market and earned it back several times. She gave him $5000 back and reinvested the remaining in the joint market saying she wanted to save it for their better future. She may not be the prettiest in the group but she sure impressed the man the most!

The Verdict

Needless to say, the man was impressed with the third lady the most. She was indeed the brightest of them all. He decided to spend rest of his life with her. Again, she might not be the prettiest but was surely the brightest. Her investing of money showed that she would think of her husband and kids before herself. She was smart, caring and a beautiful. A beautiful face will not help you in nurturing your life but a smart mind and a beautiful soul will. I hope you got our message.

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