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Stop Saying 'Each and Every One of you', Find The Right Words Here

There are so many words we've been using wrongly either when we're making a simple sentence or a statement. sometimes we just think they are correct because they sound great to our ears.

      Now, let's analyze this statement "each and everyone of you". It may sound great but the Grammar matching is wrong. the word "every one" has covered the "Each" and there's no need using both words in same sentence.

So you can just put the words like this

'Every one of you'


'Each of you'

As you can see, there's simplicity now.

 Other words which were also discussed about includes 

Instead of saying "At this Junction or at this moment in time" which is totally wromy, just use "now"as the perfect replacement for it.

Let's consider this one as well "first and foremost"

It's wrong, so use this instead "first and most importantly" as it's a better replacement.

22. Don't say K-leg-------------...............Instead Say -Knock knees

23. He gave me an advice---------------------------------He gave me a piece of advice

Do not say "NIGHT VIGIL", just call it VIGIL.

Stop saying 'I have two trousers'.....

Simply Say "I have two pairs of trousers".

Wrong: One of the boy is here-------------Say One of the boys is here

I hope you've learnt something, please share to others and stay safe.


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