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Five Reasons She Won't Date You Even If She Loves You

There are some cases where a woman loves you and not still date you. Some men are clueless as to what they did wrong without being able to detect their faults and then conclude that women are impossible to read. Well, they are not, all you have to do is pay attention. Stay tuned and go through some reasons you might not be dating her although she loves you.

1. You are too obsessive:

Women have busy schedules unlike men. So, when you call or text, you are showing her that you have nothing to do with your time.

2. When you treat her like a child:

You don't just show up at her house and expect her to drop everything she was doing and go out on a date with you. Don't assume she has time, always ask. Don't try to make decisions for her.

3. You don't respect her time:

Let's assume you have agreed on a date with her, she shows up at the venue on time but you are nowhere to be found, that's a bad turn off.

4. You don't actively listen when she talks to you:

One of the greatest gifts you can give to a lady is your undivided attention. That is way more important than saying words that are perfect. Try to listen actively to her always.

5. When you talk about yourself or you exes a lot:

Talking about yourself or your ex is one thing. Going on and on day after day is very annoying for some girls. It will make you look very immature to the girl and is a recipe for a broken friendship.

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