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Unhealthy relationships in Our Society Today

Unhealthy relationships in Our Society

It is very important to know that unhealthy relationships is risky life one can ever thought of in life. The dynamite of a relationship is a threat to many people in the world, meanwhile the need for understanding my situation will be discussed.

Immature relationship: young man and woman are victim of this unpleasant experience in this field of relationship because their easily carried away by what they seen and felt in the heart, they couldn't control such feeling well at the end they fall into these category.

Media relationship: this category is a huge threat to many people, due to online relationship many have built today, it has gone in a long way, media equally has lost its sore aim of creating it. being in a multiple relationship on Facebook and WhatsApp and Instagram account making love with unknown personalities wasting your precious time chichating unnecessary, has equally caused unhealthy relationships today.

Lust of physical therapy: Yes, men and women are fund of this point above, their affection is based on the physical appearance and the outward attitude displayed to them, which after they are deceived and admitted for future mental maltreatment on you.

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